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Associate Senior Consultant Climate Change

Research Analysis and Strategy Institute is a leading international research unit represented in Paris and Sofia. We provide interdisciplinary research and analysis to EU bodies (the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Committee of the Regions and others.).

We are currently looking for Associate Senior Consultant in the field of Climate Change.

As an Associate Senior Consultant you will be included in proposals in key expert roles in your area of specialization.

We are looking for candidates with: About The Role Required Experience

Research Analysis and Strategy Institute is a company committed to True Research Excellence.

Taking into account the ethical aspects of research practices has a particular significance in the European legal framework as the European Union is founded on a common ground of shared values laid out in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The Charter recognises a range of personal, civil, political, economic and social rights. The Cologne European Council of June 1999 entrusted the task of drafting a charter to a convention. The Lisbon Treaty incorporates the Charter into the Treaty on the European Union, giving the charter an equal legal effect, and states that all European legislation needs to conform to the principles of the Charter. Consequently, this also applies to the European research policy. The European Charter of Fundamental Rights contains several principles which can be relevant in the context of research. These principles form the basis of important ethics guidelines but also support the conduct of research.

Please send a CV and a list of publications to info@rasinstitute.com