Prof Dr Caterina Carta

Senior Consultant

Professor Dr. Caterina Carta is PhD Director at the Brussels School of Governance and professor of International Relations at the Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) of the BSoG.

At BSoG, she has previously held the position of Programme Director of the MA programmes in Diplomacy and Global Governance (MADAGG) and in Global Security and Strategy (MAGSS).

Before joining the School, she was Associate Professor at the Political Science Department of Laval University (Québec City) where she held the Canada Research Chair in Public Diplomacy. 

Caterina held teaching and research positions in several universities, including the University of Siena, the London School of Economics (LSE), Kent at Brussels, Westminster University, Université Laval and the ULB.  She has taught courses in Public diplomacy, Thesis writing, EU institutions, EU policy making, Theories of International Relations, EU foreign policy, Theories of European integration and Global politics. Her research interests include foreign policy, cultural and public diplomacy, International Organizations and Discourse Theory and Analysis.

Her publications include The European Union’s Diplomatic Service: Ideas, Preferences and Identities (Routledge, 2012); Making Sense of Diversity: EU’s Foreign Policy through the Lenses of Discourse Analysis (ed. with J.-F. Morin, Ashgate, 2014); and Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: Between the Domestic and the International (ed. with R. Higgott, Palgrave, 2020).